2012 SEDIV Time Trial Committee Report

2012 SEDIV Time Trials Committee Report

Presented at Jekyll Island Annual Meeting

First of all, we want to thank Cool Shirt for being the SEDIV TT Championship Series Sponsor again this year and also for the support they have given to individual events.  We greatly appreciate their continued support of the SEDIV TT program and look forward to another successful season for the Cool Shirt Championship Series.

We also need to recognize the SEDIV TT leadership who have worked hard to make the SEDIV TT Program a success.  George Bugg TVR (TT Administrator), Joe Olivera SCR (TTAC Representative), Mark Rothermel TVR (TTSC Representative), and the TT Committee members: Craig Farr TVR, Robert Frazier Buccaneer, Nick Hallman SCR, David McDaniel Chattanooga, Tom Shuman ATL, Ted Theodore CCR, Jerry Vogel ALA.

2011 Results

The TT Program struggled with continuing low entries and event financial difficulties but with some success given the economic times and other factors.  Started the year with 10 scheduled events (6 flat tracks and 4 Hill Climbs) but finished at 6 events (4 flat tracks and 2 Hill Climbs).  We flirted with a new Hill Climb in North Georgia, Tate Reserve, but that could not be accomplished this year.

Here is a summary of the 2011 TT events attempted and accomplished.

  • CMP (SCR) – February – 27 Entries
  • TGPR (TVR/AL) – March – 29 Entries
  • Nashville (Chattanooga) – April – Cancelled due to low entries
  • Road Atlanta (ATL) – May – 23 Entries
  • Wolf Ridge (CCR) – June – Cancelled due to road deterioration
  • AMP (ATL) – June – Cancelled due to track not being ready
  • Chasing the Dragon (CCR) – June – Replaced Wolf Ridge due to a huge effort by Ted Theodore and CCR  34 Entries
  • Eagle’s Nest (CCR) – August – Cancelled due to landowners wanting $10K rent
  • CMP (SCR) – Sept – Removed as a TT Points event – held as a PDX/Club Trial
  • Crow Mountain Hill Climb (TVR) – Oct – 27 Entries
  • “No Frills” TGPR (TVR/AL) – Nov – Replaced RR – 42 Entries
  • Roebling Road (Bucc) – Nov  – Cancelled by Region

Overall, we averaged 30 drivers per event which is consistent over the last 2 years.  Fifteen Regions participated — CCR (31%), ALA (15%) and TVR (14%) provided 60% of the Drivers.  There were 182 entrants in 38 car classes with 118 different drivers.  20% of the drivers ran 3 or more events.  We had 15 Class Champions who each ran 3 or more events.  The most popular classes were CSP (9%), SM (8%), and FV (7%).  Solo based cars made up 25% of the entries while the Wings n’ Things provided 28%.  So you can see where the strength of the TT program lies.

One of our challenges is to get the 68% of drivers who ran only one event and the 58% of drivers who only ran local events to participate in more events.

Last December the TT Committee voted to allow Club Trials (Level 2) points to count toward the SEDIV TT Championship.  This was done primarily to boost overall entries and encourage participants to “step up” to the Level 3/4 events.  It was not the raging success we had hoped.  CMP and TGPR had 27/29 entries each of which 8 and 5 were Level 2 respectively.  Therefore we plan to revert back to the original Championship Series structure and allow points only for L3 and L4 entrants.

As you heard last night, CCR was awarded the Rich Shafer Award for having the best TT event of 2011, Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb.  CCR pulled together a new Hill Climb venue, Chasing the Dragon, with a lot of local community support from Robbinsville, NC.  They are even repaving the road and Dragon will be back twice in 2012.  TVR was awarded the Walt Wurzbach Award for their continued management excellence evidenced by the Crow Mountain Hill Climb and the “No Frills” TT.  When the Roebling TT was cancelled in September, TVR asked the TT community what they wanted and dreamed up the “No Frills” TT.  TVR executed it with assistance from Alabama Region and it was the highest attended TT event of the year by a wide margin.

2012 Event Forecast

2012 has the potential of being a fantastic season for SEDIV Time Trials Championship Series.  The Dragon will return twice along with the usual favorites at TGPR, Roebling, Road Atlanta, and Crow Mountain.  The Atlanta Motorsports Park TT should finally arrive and also serve as a check-out event for a SARRC event there.  CCR is working on an additional Hill Climb.

This is what the 2012 TT Schedule looks like:

Apr 14-15          TVR/AL           Talladega Grand Prix Raceway (PDX/TT/TT School)

May 19                ATL               Road Atlanta (TT Sat, PDX Sun)

Jun 9                   ATL                Atlanta Motorsports Park Short Course (PDX/TT)

Jun 10                ATL                Atlanta Motorsports Park Long Course (PDX/TT)

Jun 23-24         CCR               Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb

Aug 4-5             CCR                Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb II

Sep 29-30         TVR                Crow Mountain Hill Climb

Oct 27-28         TVR/AL            Talladega Grand Prix Raceway (PDX/TT)

Nov 10-11         Bucc                 Roebling Road (PDX/TT)

The Atlanta Motorsports Park event will be a double event with points for each day.  The short course (1.5 miles) will be run on Saturday with the full course (2 miles) run on Sunday.  The two Dragon Hill Climbs will have different courses.

Chattanooga Region will be pulling out of the TT business while the Nashville track is up for sale and unavailable.  As a financial decision, SCR is going to concentrate on the PDX/Level 2 events and not participate in the SEDIV TT Championship Series.

SEDIV TT Committee

The TT Committee is working on a plan to attract and retain sponsorship for the coming season.  As budgets get tighter and entries decline, additional revenue is becoming more and more important.  The Committee is investigating a variety of publicity and sponsorship opportunities and approaches.

George Bugg will be stepping down as the SEDIV DA for Time Trials at the end of the 2012 season.  In accepting the position in July 2009, he stated that “new blood” should be rotated into leadership roles in order to keep the program thriving and moving forward and suggested a 3 year term limit.  With that in mind, he will work with the Committee to identify a replacement and prepare for a smooth transition at the end of the year.  A candidate for his replacement will be presented at the mid-year meeting for consideration by the SEDIV leadership.

The TT Committee has reviewed and updated the 2009 TT Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  This SOP has been provided to the Regional Executives and we are looking for your approval.    There are a few significant changes proposed to the 2009 SOP.  First are procedures that would formally involve the Regional Executives in the selection of SEDIV’s Time Trial Administrative Council (TTAC) and Time Trial Safety Council (TTSC) representatives.  Second is expansion of the TT Committee’s purview to include all Time Trial events, Level 1 thru Level 4.  Third is an increase from $5 to $10 per entrant in the TT Trophy fund to help us become financially independent and to provide minimal funds for promotion of TT events.

When SCCA moved SOLO I into Club Racing, they also created the 4 level Time Trial structure – PDX, Club Trial, Track Trial and Hill Climb.  The TTAC was established as the administrative body overseeing all 4 venues.  Although SEDIV has had a TTAC representative, the SEDIV TT Committee has remained chiefly concerned with the Level 3 and Level 4 SEDIV TT Championship Series.  With the increased interest from both SCCA and SEDIV in PDX and Club Trial events, the TT Committee feels that SEDIV would be better served by having a forum for communication and cooperation between all TT Events.  To that end, we propose to add representatives from each region hosting L1 and L2 Time Trials events to the Committee membership.  The Championship Series will only be for L3 and L4 events, but the additional members on the Committee will provide a central point for communication and will allow the TTAC and TTSC representatives valuable input from a wider range of the membership they represent.  The increase in the Trophy fund is requested as a means to help the program remain financially viable should the sponsorship efforts be less fruitful than hoped.  The additional funds will be used for awards and publicity/promotion of events.

Submitted by George Bugg, SEDIV TT Administrator