SEDIV Time Trial Annual Awards


(from 2009 on , referred to as Rich Shafer Award)

The Rich Shafer Award is presented by the Southeast Division annually in recognition of the Time Trials event of the previous year that has had the most impact on the SEDiv Time Trials community.  Given in memory of friend, leader, and competitor “Mr. Cool Shirt”, Rich Shafer, this award recognizes the event that participants and divisional leadership believe to best represent what SEDiv Time Trials events should be.

2001     Alabama Region

2002     Central Florida Region

2003     Central Carolinas Region

2004     Central Carolinas Region

2005     Chattanooga Region

2006     Central Carolinas Region

2007     Tennessee Valley Region

2008     Central Florida Region

2009     Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region

2010     Central Carolinas Region

2011     Central Carolinas Region

2012    Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region

2013    Central Carolina Region

2014    Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region

2015    Buccaneer  Region

2016    Central Carolina Region



The Wurzbach Award, named in honor of long time SEDiv Time Trials supporter Walt Wurzbach, is an award presented each year by the Southeast Division to recognize a region that has demonstrated excellence in event administration during the previous Time Trials season.  The standards set by Walt and Ann Wurzbach encourage host regions to organize and administer Time Trials events in a way that maximizes both fun and safety of the entrants, crews, and workers.

1994    Delta Region

1995    Central Carolina Region

1996    Alabama Region

1997    South Carolina Region

1998    Dixie Region

1999    Buccaneer Region

2000   Alabama Region

2001    Central Carolinas Region

2002    Wiregrass Region

2003    North Carolina Region

2004    Buccaneer Region

2005    Tennessee Valley Region

2006    Buccaneer Region

2007    Chattanooga Region

2008    Alabama Region

2009    Tennessee Valley Region

2010    South Carolina Region

2011    Tennessee Valley Region

2012   Central Carolinas Region

2013   Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region

2014   Central Carolinas Region

2015  Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region

2016  Tennessee Valley Region / Alabama Region


SEDIV HALL OF FAME                                                                                        2016 Recipient – Bill Coffey, Jr.

Members of the SEDiv Time Trials Hall of Fame are elected annually by current Hall of Fame members in recognition of an individual’s dedication to, success in, and continued support of the Southeast Division Time Trials program.  To be eligible, members must have earned at least 5 Solo I or Time Trials Championships.


1999   Butch Kummer   ATL 

2000   Walt Wurzbach   GCR

2001   JK Jackson    DIX

2002   Roy Herring    ATL

2003   Charles Booth    ALA

2004   Steve Tompkins   CHA

2005   Mark Rothermel    TVR

2006   Bill Hawkins    ATL

2007   George Bugg    TVR

2008   Mort Stern    CCR

2009   Rich Shafer    ATL

2010   Christiana Moore   DIX

2011    Paul Crouch  CFR

2012   Bill Coffey  BUC

2013   Harold Knobel  ATL

2014  Darryl Desmarteau  CCR

2015   Ted Theodore SCR

2016   Bill Coffey, Jr. BUC   &    Dave Greer – CCR