2015 SCCA SEDIV Championship Series – Get ready to RUMBLE!

               The Southeast Division Time Trial Committee is proud to announce the schedule for the

                                                    2015 SEDIV Time Trial Championship Series!



Schedule is as follows : 

April 11/12         TGPR – Little Talledega –  Munford Alabama      Time Trial / PDX / TT SchoolSCCA-SEDivMap

May 25              CMP – Carolina Motorsports Park – Kershaw, SC   Time Trial / PDX

June 13-14         Dragon Hillclimb – Robbinsville, NC   Hillclimb

Aug. 29 / 30       Barber  – Birmingham, AL   Time Trial

Sept. 12 / 13       Dragon Hillclimb –  Robbinsville, NC   Hillclimb

Oct. 3 / 4           TGPR – Little Talledega  –  Munford Alabama    Time Trial / PDX 

Nov. 14              Roebling Road – Pooler, GA  Time Trial    * Points each  day

Nov. 15              Roebling Road – Pooler, GA   Time Trial    * Points each  day



Get your car ready and get these dates on your calendar. We’ll see you at the season kick-off at Little Tally April 11th and 12th!   Please help grow our sport through mentoring and inviting other drivers to join us for these events. Remember the Second Gear Program can be of help in getting new drivers started economically (free loaner gear) and PDXs  are a great starting point for many drivers.   If you need help with licensing, classing or registration, contact  :   Ted Theodore at  editor@thesoutherndriver.com




Time Trial Champions Awards at SEDIV Annual

All SEDIV Time Trial drivers are invited to attend the annual meetings and banquet at St. Simon’s Island Sea Palms Resort on January 30 – February 1, 2015.

This year’s SEDIV Convention will feature individual meetings with the Divisional Administrators, ECR Committee, SARRC Committee, Divisional Solo, Time Trials, Rally Cross, Stewards, Tech, Timing & Scoring, Registration, Flag & Com, Race Control, Newsletters, Web Developers, Membership, and the SCCA National staff.

The center point of this year’s convention will again be the Awards Banquet at which all SEDIV National, SARRC, Solo , Time Trials and Rally Champions will receive their awards plus the SEDIV will honor outstanding members with the Reuter, Fitzgerald, Holland, Webb, Director’s & Bobby Clark Awards. The banquet meal features your choice of either grilled chicken or marinated flank steak. Both will be served with red potatoes, rice, almond green beans, salad & dessert.

We will awards jackets and trophies to our class champions and trophies to our runner-ups as well as Wurzbach award and Shafer awards for events. We hope to see you there! Attached is information sheet and registration form.

INFO          FORM




Roebling Road Time Trial – Great Season ender!

MIMG_1081any of our SEDIV Time Trial and PDX drivers braved the cold to come to Roebling Road in mid November to participate in the LAST CHANCE Time Trial! Some came for seat time on a legendary southern track. Some came to compete against many of the best TT drivers. Some came to clench their position in the 2014  SCCA Southeastern Division Time Trial Championship. ALL came to have fun and that …they DID!

Savannah, GA weather was chilly both mornings but warmed up with little wind.  The corner workers and event staff did a great job of communicating, keeping the course safe, and handling flow of the event. We owe a big thanks to Track Management (Kaye McCloy), Registration (Wanda Cecil), Control (the Buells), Timing and Scoring (Neil Harmon), Mark Rothermel (Safety Steward), Steve and Vicki Eckerich along with Shane Findlan (Tech), Bob DeLoatch (Flagging Chief) and all the course workers who braved the cold so the event could happen! Our drivers appreciate you ALL!  IMG_1084 Aside from a few radiator hoses that decided to open up, the event ran smoothly and the groups got all the track time they wanted. Many of our Time Trial drivers volunteered to help instruct for our PDX (Performance Driving Experience) group sessions. This is a great opportunity to get quality instruction on the track in a safe setting.  All PDX drivers (Novices driving with instructors and  Intermediate and Advanced classes) did a great job!

Final Results are here : Saturday / Sunday and pictures from the event are below . The Championships were decided in many classes based on the results of this double points weekend. Your 2015 SEDIV Time Trial Champions who will each be receiving a trophy at the Annual SEDIV banquet January 30, 31 at Sea Palms St. Simons, GA  are :

Scott Sipler BSP 1 CCR-61
Johnny Valencia BSP 2 CCR-61
Shane Findlan BSP 3 CCR-61
Paul Crouch CF 1 CFR-83
Rajat Aggarwal CSP 1 CCR-61
TJ  Theodore CSP 2 CCR-61
Tony Ewing CSP 3 TVR-93
James Wood CSP 4 CCR-61
Ken Owens EP 1 DIX-95
Robert McManus ESP 1 CCR-61
Brian Gause ESP 2 CCR-61
Martin Bartlett FSP 1 CCR-61
Mark Rothermel FV 1 TVR-93
Bill F. Coffey GT1 1 FLA-11
Bill Coffey GT2 1 BUC-34
Don Squirek ITA 1 ATL-3
George Bowland Special 1 CCR-61
Mike Breakey SPU 1 CHA-94
Ted Theodore SPU 2 CCR-61
Ron Richey SPU 3 ATL-3
Michael Tablas STL 1 CCR-61
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU 1 CCR-61
Rocco Bocchicchio SU 1 ETR-68
Lars Lattstrom SPO 1 CCR-61

A BIG thanks to the Buccaneer Region for hosting the Last Chance Time Trial and PDX at Roebling Road. We look forward to joining you again next year! 

(Pictures by : Ted Theodore)


Registration is NOW OPEN for the DOUBLE POINTS Time Trial and PDX at Roebling Road.

BIG THANKS to our hosts Buccaneer Region! SIGN UP HERE : http://www.buccaneerregion.com/timetrials.html

As we head into the final 2014 SEDIV TT Championship event at Roebling Road, there are many championships to be decided there. Remember that Roebling Road is double points in a double event with TT points being awarded for both Saturday and Sunday. Remember too that in 2014, we have 9 TT Championship events which means that you must have 5 events to qualify for the TT Championships and TT points count from 6 events.

Here is the simple wrapup for the races toward 2014 SEDIV TT Championships:

• BSP – Shane Findlan, Johnny Valencia, Rod Hardiman and Scott Sipler are fighting it out. RR will decide the Championship.
• CF – Paul Crouch must attend RR to qualify and win
• CSP – Rajat Aggarwahl, TJ Theodore, Delanie Calhoun, and Tony Ewing are fighting for 1st thru 4th trophies. Performance at RR renders the decisions.
• ESP – Robert McManus and Brian Gause – Either can win but must attend RR.
• FSP – Martin Bartlet must attend RR to qualify and win
• FV – Mark Rothermel must attend RR to qualify and win.
• GT1 – Bill F. Coffey must attend RR to qualify and win.
• GT2 – Bill Coffey must attend RR to qualify and win.
• ITA – Don Squirek and John Waight must attend RR to qualify and win
• ITR – Andy Tow must attend RR to qualify and win
• Specials – George Bowland must attend RR to qualify and win
• SPO – Lars Lattstrom must attend RR to qualify and win
• SPU – Mike Breakey, Ted Theodore, Doug Beachem, and Ron Richey are all in the hunt. RR will decide the trophies.
• STL – Michael Tablas must attend RR to qualify and win
• STU – Vicki Eckerich must attend RR to qualify and win
• SU – Rocco Bocchicchio, Leon Drake, Ricky Ragan, Krafton Locke, Mike Merrill, Susan Merrill are all in the hunt. RR will decide the trophies.

See you there!  


TGPR Weekend – Fun in wet and dry!

GREAT weekend at TGPR in spite of some wet weather! Thanks to all staff, workers drivers and crews who made it possible.

The weather ranged from heavy rain to dry in 2 hours. We had great competition in many classes!

Time Trial results will be up soon! NEW Track Records were established:
ITA – Richard Pannell
ASR – Bruce Funderburg
STL – Mike Taylor
VC – Dave Perry

These drivers set their personal fastest time:
BSP – Johnny Valencia
CSP – Wally Lacey, Tony Ewing, Rajat Aggarwal, Delanie Calhoun
EP – Mark Gustafson
ITA – Clayton Pannell
ITR – Andy Tow
SPU – Mike Breakey, Ron Richey
SU – Ricky Ragan, Mike Merrill, Randy Copeland


Congrats to all and see you at Roebling! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the DOUBLE POINTS Time Trail and PDX there!

TGPR Time Trial, TT School and PDX – October 11 & 12

Sign up today for the SCCA SEDIV Championship series event October 11 & 12 at Little Talledega Gran Prix Raceway in Munford Alabama !


REGISTER HERE for PDX. Time Trial School and Time Trial  







Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.41 mile road course located on Alabama State Highway 21, 12 miles south of Oxford, Alabama, and 8 miles north of Talladega, Alabama.  The track has showers, restrooms, compressed air, Electrical hook-ups, and 98 octane unleaded fuel.  Overnight camping is permitted.  Electricity is available through Talladega Grand Prix Raceway for $10 per day per 115v outlet and $15 per day per 30/50 amp outlet.  The track gate will be locked each evening at 10:30 p.m.  There is a payphone at the track (256-362-9985).  The caller should ask to have their party paged.  The track concession stand WILL BE OPEN for breakfast and lunch, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Event Headquarters will be at the Track.

TGPR, 46 Pilgrim Lane, Munford, AL 362684 www.tgprace.com

There are several very nice hotels located 12 miles north of the track, in Oxford, AL.

GCR Classes:   FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, FS, FST, FV, FM, F5, ASR, P1, P2, SRF, LC, STU, STL, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTL, AS, EP, FP, HP, T1, T2, T3, T4, ITA, ITB, ITC, ITR, ITS, Spec Miata, SM5, B Spec

Regional/TT Classes: SPECIAL (SP), VO, VC, CF, SPO, SPU, GTA, IT7, IT7R, ITO, SU


Note:  TT and PDX Groups will be adjusted race day to even out run groups.


FRIDAY, October 10

5:00p – 8:00p        Registration & Tech @ the Paddock Shak

7:00p – 8:00p        PDX & Time Trials Overview in Paddock Shak

10:30p                    Track Gates Closed for the Night


SATURDAY, October 11

7:00 am                  Gates Open at Track

7:00 – 10:00           Registration and Tech at Shak

7:00 – 7:15             TT & PDX Instructors Meeting in Shak

7:15 – 7:45             WORKER’S MEETING BEHIND Shak

7:15 – 7:45             DRIVER’S MEETING at Shak

8:00 – 8:30            TT & PDX Student Classroom Session in Paddock Shak

8:00 – 12:00           PDX and Timed TT Runs by Group

TT & PDX Student Classroom Sessions scheduled as needed in Paddock Shak

12:00 – 1:00           Lunch

12:30 – 1:00           TT & PDX Student Classroom Session in Paddock Shak

1:30 – 5:00             PDX and Timed TT Runs by Group

TT & PDX Student Classroom Sessions scheduled as needed in Paddock Shak

5:00 – 5:30            TT & PDX Student Classroom Session in Paddock Shak

5:30                        Social

10:30                      Track Gates Closed for the Night


SUNDAY, October 12

7:00 am                  Gates Open at Track

7:00 – 8:30            Registration and Tech

7:30 – 7:45            WORKER”S MEETING BEHIND Shak,

7:30 – 7:45            DRIVER’S MEETING At Shak .

7:45 – 8:15             TT & PDX Student Classroom Session in Paddock Shak

8:00 – 11:00           PDX and Timed TT Runs by Group

TT & PDX Student Classroom Sessions scheduled as needed in Paddock Shak

11:00 – 12:00          Lunch

11:30 – 12:00          TT & PDX Student Classroom session in Shak

12:00 – 4:30           PDX and Timed TT Runs by Group

TT & PDX Student Classroom Sessions scheduled as needed in Paddock Shak

4:30                        TT & PDX Students meet with Chief Instructor in Shak for Final Review

DRAGON 7 HILLCLIMB – A Weekend to Remember!

SCCA’s Central Carolina Region hosted another great event in Robbinsville at the 7th Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb presented by TOYO!  Although weather played a role in keeping our drivers from records being set, the competition was close in many classes. Over 2400 spectators came to watch the event and enjoy hamburgers, BBQ and funnelcakes  while watching cars and drivers compete for trophies and cash on the 2.2 mile course. The range of cars went from rally cars, a vintage MGA, Porsche GT3 RSR , Evo, Ariel Atom, Brunton Staker, FFR Daytonas, chump cars and many street prepped cars. We had great attendance of drivers along with many first timers at our hill. We also welcomed back Cory Friedman, our current overall record holder and the first winner of the Dragonslayer sword at the very first Dragon Hillclimb in 2011.

The event began earlier in the week with Ted Theodore, George Bowland and others that came to prep the hill, cleaning, mowing and weed-eating the worker and spectators areas. Hay bales were wrapped in white plastic and placed along the course. We owe a big thanks to all who came, worked, towed trailers and helped set up and take down the mountain. Rolling out 2 miles of wire from the back of a truck is a lot of work but necessary for timing and scoring. The hardest part is at the end of day Sunday, rolling it all back up! (Thanks Scott Sipler for staying and helping). Friday, registration was held downtown at The Hub before drivers took their places in the paddock and set up for the weekend. First timers on the hill met Friday night at Microtel to go over the course, the danger areas, protocols and event flow with an instructor and mentors.


Saturday morning went smoothly with our Launch tire and dragon in the air and course green. The damp course was a challenge for our drivers and some did get bit by the dragon. The saying “Saturday is for wreckers and Sunday is for checkers” is never more true than at a hillclimb! In spite of the occasional rain, the competition heated up in many classes and put on a great show for our spectators and course workers. We were honored to have Area 12 Director Tere Pulliam running her first hillclimb in a CSP Miata! Thanks to her and her husband Larry for coming and running with us! I suspect we will see them on the hill next year in THEIR car! We were also pleased to have Thach take a run up the mountain again in Elvira. Thach is a NC Highway Patrolman who is well known in the area… and if we can get him a car, whatever class he is in will have a new contender!


The Saturday night dinner at the Huddle House was enjoyed by workers and drivers. Steak night has now become Steak AND Hat night with prizes for best hats.

Sunday was some slight rain on and off during the day and the course never did completely dry out. While this made record setting runs impossible, it created extra challenge in the competition to get the most out of their cars while making safe runs. Our drivers did a fine job and the crowd cheered on our drivers with cowbells. The younger spectators had plenty to do meeting drivers, getting autographs and playing with dragons! One driver who hoped to make this year’s hillclimb had started a car build specifically for this event and tracked his progress through a blog. He was unable to chase away all the gremlins and decided to leave his car home and come watch. One of our drivers, Rocco Bocchiccio offered his BMW to allow Perry Boykin to make his dream of a hillclimb run! THIS is the sportsmanship and fun we see all see and enjoy! You can expect Perry and his wife, Jamie will be joining us at Dragon 8 in their own car! Another driver and long time hillclimber, Ray Cockerel from Black Mountain, NC began a build of his F500 well over a year ago. He completed the car and with support from his wife Sheila was able to debut his car at the Dragon! We look forward to having Sheila back running with us next year. Another driver, Roy Erickson, bought a Miata 2 years ago with the dream of building it up specifically for time trial and hillclimb. His car known as Breester was finished a week before the event and he fulfilled his goal of competing. Two other drivers Nate Wimbrow and Bill Hightower were co-driving Nate’s  Spec Miata and had the differential pop on their first run on Saturday. This was disappointing as Nate brought family down from New Hampshire just to run this event. A few phone calls later, Henry and Joe Bryan Payne with HP Motors in Pelzer, SC  offered their ITA Miata  on loan to Nate. Nate spent all day Saturday taking his car back to Greenville, picking up the ITA so he could run Sunday! All went well with their Sunday runs and the weekend was not lost. Thanks to Joe Bryan and Henry for their help!

At the close of the event, we brought our drivers, crews, event staff and many spectators that stayed for the trophy presentation. Tabitha arranged for Miss Black Knight to assist our Dragon (Julius Binninger) with awarding the trophies and money! There were too many outstanding drives : First timer Ned Neuhaus did amazingly well in his Brunton Stalker. Matt Brandenburg and Sebastian Kokoszka in their first run at the Dragon were fearless in their rally cars! Gage Gregory is always fast on the edge in his car… another great run! Another first time, Allen Skillcorn in the LeGrand DSR was 3rd overall in his first event! Cameron Lane with a 4th place was hoping for a better finish but 4th overall is excellent. With some new findings after the event, Cameron may have found a little some extra to show up with at the Dragon 8!  George Bowland, Robert Martai and Robert McManus finished in 5th, 6th and 7th with awesome runs especially considering the weather. In the end, no ladies were close to Vicki Lanning Eckerich as she captured ANOTHER Dragonslayer sword for Queen of the Hill. For King of the Hill, it was Heikki Rinta-Koski  in his Locost 7 and Cory Friedman in his Porsche GT3 RSR. Both turned in incredibly fast runs on the damp course… with Heikki turning in a 117.510 (just a second slower than his best time ever) and Cory running a 116.487. Cory took the King of the Hill honors for the second time and now is the owner of TWO Dragonslayer swords. Heikki owns six swords and will be back in the Spring, ready to do battle with the Dragon again!

20140914_10200620140914_102253(0) ???????????????????????????????

We owe many thanks to our sponsors, TOYO Tires, Appalachian Tire, Greg and The Hub, Brent and Shelly Hyperformance, Grassroots Motorsports, Darryl and Lori of Killboy.com, HeadHeldHigh.com, Tabitha, Steven, Meghan, Jessica and Nikita  from Graham County Travel & Tourism. Also thanks to our event staff, Don Drennon and his F&C workers, Rich and his Timing and Scoring Staff (Eric, Nancy, Lea, Julius). Thanks to Mark Wall who sweated away all weekend to be our on course Sasquatch! Rick Mitchell, Lance, Barbara, Robert, our grid/starters and stewards did an awesome job! A Special thanks to Mark Eversoll … excellent job on communications and control. Steve Eckerich in the CCR Board members who all stepped up to help! AND a thanks to all the first time workers like Jaime and Amanda Honeycutt. We appreciate greatly the sponsors and support from Graham County : Tabitha with Travel & Tourism, Terinda and Charlie with US Forest Services, NC. DOT, Juanita at GC Transit, Matt and Amanda at  Huddle House and Lary and the Graham County EMS and Rescue Squad. Thank you ALL for your help and support! We will see you again in the Spring when we wake the Dragon for Dragon 8!      FULL RESULTS :   chasing the dragon 7_fin_ chasing the dragon 7_raw_


After some  time off for summer vacation, the SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Championship heats up with great events in the coming months!

Barber Motorsports Park  in Birmingham Alabama Time Trial is hosted by the Alabama & Tennesee Valley Regions on August 30 & 31!

Registration is open HERE! 







Robbinsville, NC is the location for the 7th Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb hosted by Central Carolina Region on September 13 & 14!

Registration is open HERE!










Hope you’ve had a GREAT summer break! Now… let’s get it on! See you next month at the Barber Time Trial and the Dragon Hillclimb! 

CCR July Hillclimb – Cancelled

Central Carolinas Region had requested a date to be kept open for a possible hillclimb for July. There were two possible sites but unfortunately, neither one was deemed solid enough to hold a July Hillclimb event this year. 

Our Time Trial officials and drivers  are continuing to look for hillclimb sites here in the Southeast Division. Your help in finding sites is greatly appreciated. Please contact Ted Theodore with possible sites and he can arrange a time to come and review . Here are a few of the items to look for :

General :  Location : road surface condition, hazards, through traffic, spectator areas, paddock area, restaurants / hotels for workers/drivers/spectators.

Course :    Water / Trees / Boulder / Walls / Wildlife / Spur Roads / Residents / Edges of road / Run Off areas / number of high speed areas

 Operation : Radio Communications accessible /  Staging areas / Cool down areas / Shuttle bus / Course worker line of sight / Spectator Parking areas

Community :  Good for local economy / Sound Ordinances /  Site Owner / Wildlife / Camping

If you find a possible site, don’t hesitate to pass it on for considerations. MANY of the potential problems can be overcome with “work arounds” and safety precautions.

We will continue to look for new sites for 2015. 




CCR Memorial Monster PDX and Time Trial – Hot, Fun and FAST!














Great thanks to SCCA Central Carolinas Region for a GREAT SEDIV TT event Memorial Day, May 26th at Carolina Motorsports Park! 

The Time Trial event ran smoothly aside from a 15 pound turtle that decided to use a turn for a crosswalk. Fortunately, it made it’s way across between cars.


PDX event was well attended and participants received quality instruction as well as plenty of seat time on the East Course. It was great to have several new drivers with us – Ryan Rose, Robbie Sellers, William Wallace, Kawin Laukaikul and others! We appreciate the instructors who volunteered their time to help!




Also  – GREAT to see Stan Vann back running Time Trials in his  Caldwell D9. He took FTD with a lap at 56.369. Congrats!

Thanks to attendees who drove and event staff that worked hard to make this event happen. MOST of them worked Friday night, Saturday and Sunday for the Memorial Monster Road race event. Great job! Special thanks to Event Chair – Brian Gause, Safety Steward – Tony Wentworth and Chief Driving Instructor – Robert McManus.

Official times will be posted soon but here is an early copy. Top Five  OVERALL were :  Stan Vann, Robert McManus, Lars Lattstron, Eric Cline and Scott Sipler.



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