SEDIV TT Championship Points Updated

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Championship Points Updated through 06/01/15 

Great class battles shaping up! 

See all event points results HERE

DRIVER Class 5 REGION Best 7
Bruce Funderburg ASR TVR-93 9 9
Jeff Scott BSP CCR-61 9 9
Shane Findlan BSP CCR-61 9 9
Scott Sipler BSP CCR-61 6 6
TJ  Theodore CSP CCR-61 18 18
Shelton Wright CSP TVR-93 7 7
Tony Ewing CSP TVR-93 6 6
James Wood CSP CCR-61 6 6
Rick Burris CSP CCR-61 6 6
Wally Lacey CSP ALA-1 5 5
Charles Wright CSP TVR-93 5 5
Delanie Calhoun CSP ALA-1 4 4
Tim Olsen CSP CCR-61 3 3
Roy Erickson CSP CCR-61 1 1
Dan Brown DSP GCR 9 9
Blake May DSP SCR-79 6 6
Ken Owens EP DIX-95 9 9
Mark Gustafson EP CFR-83 6 6
Brian Gause ESP CCR-61 15 15
Robert McManus ESP CCR-61 9 9
Dion Ciccarelli ESP CCR-61 5 5
Geoff Gause ESP CCR-61 4 4
Zachery Crowder F500 WGR-45 9 9
Jerry Freeman FB TVR-93 9 9
Cesar Pascual FC ATL-3 9 9
Adrian Aveni FF ALA-1 9 9
Blake Meredith FP ATL-3 9 9
Perry Young FP CFR-83 6 6
Larry Pulliam FP ATL-3 5 5
Jason Hawkins FS ATL-3 9 9
John Wade FSP TVR-93 18 18
Paul Tatum FSP TVR-93 6 6
Mark Rothermel FV TVR-93 9 9
Bill F. Coffey GT1 FLA-11 18 18
Bill Coffey GT2 BUC-34 15 15
Bob Saville GT2 CCR-61 9 9
Nadine Saville GT2 CCR-61 5 5
Dave Stephens HP TVR-93 9 9
Richard Pannell ITA TVR-93 9 9
Clayton Pannell ITA TVR-93 6 6
John Waight ITA ALA-1 5 5
Steven Ulbrik ITB CFR-83 18 18
John Barnett ITB TVR-93 6 6
Michael Ulbrik ITB CFR-83 5 5
Ken Geci ITB TVR-93 4 4
Andy Tow ITR ALA-1 9 9
Kenny High ITS CCR-61 9 9
Larry High ITS CCR-61 6 6
Jim Daniel SM TVR-93 9 9
Jaswon Finch SM MIDS 6 6
Michael Gordon Special            ALA-1 9 9
JD Kemp Special           DIX-95 9 9
Lars Lattstrom SPO CCR-61 9 9
Ted Theodore SPU CCR-61 18 18
Ron Richey SPU ATL-3 12 12
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU CCR-61 9 9
Rocco Bocchicchio SU ETR-68 15 15
Jake Magoulick SU TVR-93 15 15
Ricky Ragan SU ALA-1 5 5
Randall Coffman SU ALA-1 4 4
Juan Santamaria SU ATL-3 3 3
Vincent Coker SU ALA-1 2 2
Krafton Locke SU CCR-61 1 1

Registration OPEN – 1 Day Time Trial at CMP – May 25th

 136874                         Monster Time Trial – May 25, 2015

              A SEDiv Time Trial Championship Event and PDX

Full Course- Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw South Carolina



Records available… sign up TODAY!

Supps here…


FULL COURSE RECORDS at CMP (2008 – Present)
2011 ASP Pat Smith 1:41.988
2011 BSP Joe Oliveira 2:00.106
2008 CSP Willie Stock 1:51.644
2009 DSP Maurice Tinkler 2:07.729
2008 ESP Robert McManus 1:52.257
2010 SPO Per Olof Ezelius 1:49.453
2009 SPU Mike Breakey 1:49.768
2008 SM Steven Rankins 1:46.996
2009 ITA David Rensel 1:57.147
2008 ITC Brandon Hicks 1:59.148
2008 ITE Joseph Armstrong 2:04. 498
2008 IT7 Gary Gentry 1:57.290
2008 ITO Nicholas Seymour 1:50.761
2011 ITS Joseph Armstrong 2:03.437
2008 EP Vicki Lanning 1:50.489
2008 GT1 George Harrelson 1:59.378
2009 FV  Jim Bowers 1:44.480
2011 FF Nick Hallman 1:35.783
2010 F500 Chris Ross 1:38.585
2010 FS Clint McMahan 1:34.051
2010 FE Paul Schneider 1:40.720
2010 FM Dave Cutchins 1:44.763
2009 CFF Barry Durham 1:40.376
2011 FB Mike Quinn 1:39.450
2011 FC Fletcher Wulff 1:39.450
2011 DSR Tom Kaufman 1:40.655
2008 AM Ted Theodore 1:46.355
Compiled TT 4/27/15




Use this form to reserve or re-new a car number for SEDIV Level 2 / 3 / 4 Time Trials.

Drivers who had a reserved number in the prior season will be given until 30 March to renew the reservation of their number.  After that, all un-reserved numbers are available. 

To reserve / re-new:

 Make out a $10.00 check to “TT SEDIV”   and send check and form linked below  to:

Craig Farr

TT Reserved Numbers

152 Nale Drive

Madison, AL  35758  









TALLADEGA GRAN PRIX RACEWAY        Sanction # 15-TT-3460-S, 15-PDX-3459-S

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.41 mile road course located on Alabama State Highway 21, 12 miles south of Oxford, Alabama, and 8 miles north of Talladega, Alabama.  The track has showers, restrooms, compressed air, Electrical hook-ups, and 98 octane unleaded fuel.  Overnight camping is permitted.  Electricity is available through Talladega Grand Prix Raceway for $10 per day per 115v outlet and $15 per day per 30/50 amp outlet.  The track gate will be locked each evening at 10:00 p.m.  There is a payphone at the track (256-362-9985).  The caller should ask to have their party paged.  The track concession stand WILL BE OPEN for breakfast and lunch, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  Registration is available on as of March 2nd.

Supps are here :  TGPR SUPPS


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2015 SCCA SEDIV Championship Series – Get ready to RUMBLE!

               The Southeast Division Time Trial Committee is proud to announce the schedule for the

                                                    2015 SEDIV Time Trial Championship Series!



Schedule is as follows : 

April 11/12         TGPR – Little Talledega –  Munford Alabama      Time Trial / PDX / TT SchoolSCCA-SEDivMap

May 25              CMP – Carolina Motorsports Park – Kershaw, SC   Time Trial / PDX

June 13-14         Dragon Hillclimb – Robbinsville, NC   Hillclimb

Aug. 29 / 30       Barber  – Birmingham, AL   Time Trial

Sept. 12 / 13       Dragon Hillclimb –  Robbinsville, NC   Hillclimb

Oct. 3 / 4           TGPR – Little Talledega  –  Munford Alabama    Time Trial / PDX 

Nov. 14              Roebling Road – Pooler, GA  Time Trial    * Points each  day

Nov. 15              Roebling Road – Pooler, GA   Time Trial    * Points each  day



Get your car ready and get these dates on your calendar. We’ll see you at the season kick-off at Little Tally April 11th and 12th!   Please help grow our sport through mentoring and inviting other drivers to join us for these events. Remember the Second Gear Program can be of help in getting new drivers started economically (free loaner gear) and PDXs  are a great starting point for many drivers.   If you need help with licensing, classing or registration, contact  :   Ted Theodore at




Time Trial Champions Awards at SEDIV Annual

All SEDIV Time Trial drivers are invited to attend the annual meetings and banquet at St. Simon’s Island Sea Palms Resort on January 30 – February 1, 2015.

This year’s SEDIV Convention will feature individual meetings with the Divisional Administrators, ECR Committee, SARRC Committee, Divisional Solo, Time Trials, Rally Cross, Stewards, Tech, Timing & Scoring, Registration, Flag & Com, Race Control, Newsletters, Web Developers, Membership, and the SCCA National staff.

The center point of this year’s convention will again be the Awards Banquet at which all SEDIV National, SARRC, Solo , Time Trials and Rally Champions will receive their awards plus the SEDIV will honor outstanding members with the Reuter, Fitzgerald, Holland, Webb, Director’s & Bobby Clark Awards. The banquet meal features your choice of either grilled chicken or marinated flank steak. Both will be served with red potatoes, rice, almond green beans, salad & dessert.

We will awards jackets and trophies to our class champions and trophies to our runner-ups as well as Wurzbach award and Shafer awards for events. We hope to see you there! Attached is information sheet and registration form.

INFO          FORM




Roebling Road Time Trial – Great Season ender!

MIMG_1081any of our SEDIV Time Trial and PDX drivers braved the cold to come to Roebling Road in mid November to participate in the LAST CHANCE Time Trial! Some came for seat time on a legendary southern track. Some came to compete against many of the best TT drivers. Some came to clench their position in the 2014  SCCA Southeastern Division Time Trial Championship. ALL came to have fun and that …they DID!

Savannah, GA weather was chilly both mornings but warmed up with little wind.  The corner workers and event staff did a great job of communicating, keeping the course safe, and handling flow of the event. We owe a big thanks to Track Management (Kaye McCloy), Registration (Wanda Cecil), Control (the Buells), Timing and Scoring (Neil Harmon), Mark Rothermel (Safety Steward), Steve and Vicki Eckerich along with Shane Findlan (Tech), Bob DeLoatch (Flagging Chief) and all the course workers who braved the cold so the event could happen! Our drivers appreciate you ALL!  IMG_1084 Aside from a few radiator hoses that decided to open up, the event ran smoothly and the groups got all the track time they wanted. Many of our Time Trial drivers volunteered to help instruct for our PDX (Performance Driving Experience) group sessions. This is a great opportunity to get quality instruction on the track in a safe setting.  All PDX drivers (Novices driving with instructors and  Intermediate and Advanced classes) did a great job!

Final Results are here : Saturday / Sunday and pictures from the event are below . The Championships were decided in many classes based on the results of this double points weekend. Your 2015 SEDIV Time Trial Champions who will each be receiving a trophy at the Annual SEDIV banquet January 30, 31 at Sea Palms St. Simons, GA  are :

Scott Sipler BSP 1 CCR-61
Johnny Valencia BSP 2 CCR-61
Shane Findlan BSP 3 CCR-61
Paul Crouch CF 1 CFR-83
Rajat Aggarwal CSP 1 CCR-61
TJ  Theodore CSP 2 CCR-61
Tony Ewing CSP 3 TVR-93
James Wood CSP 4 CCR-61
Ken Owens EP 1 DIX-95
Robert McManus ESP 1 CCR-61
Brian Gause ESP 2 CCR-61
Martin Bartlett FSP 1 CCR-61
Mark Rothermel FV 1 TVR-93
Bill F. Coffey GT1 1 FLA-11
Bill Coffey GT2 1 BUC-34
Don Squirek ITA 1 ATL-3
George Bowland Special 1 CCR-61
Mike Breakey SPU 1 CHA-94
Ted Theodore SPU 2 CCR-61
Ron Richey SPU 3 ATL-3
Michael Tablas STL 1 CCR-61
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU 1 CCR-61
Rocco Bocchicchio SU 1 ETR-68
Lars Lattstrom SPO 1 CCR-61

A BIG thanks to the Buccaneer Region for hosting the Last Chance Time Trial and PDX at Roebling Road. We look forward to joining you again next year! 

(Pictures by : Ted Theodore)


Registration is NOW OPEN for the DOUBLE POINTS Time Trial and PDX at Roebling Road.

BIG THANKS to our hosts Buccaneer Region! SIGN UP HERE :

As we head into the final 2014 SEDIV TT Championship event at Roebling Road, there are many championships to be decided there. Remember that Roebling Road is double points in a double event with TT points being awarded for both Saturday and Sunday. Remember too that in 2014, we have 9 TT Championship events which means that you must have 5 events to qualify for the TT Championships and TT points count from 6 events.

Here is the simple wrapup for the races toward 2014 SEDIV TT Championships:

• BSP – Shane Findlan, Johnny Valencia, Rod Hardiman and Scott Sipler are fighting it out. RR will decide the Championship.
• CF – Paul Crouch must attend RR to qualify and win
• CSP – Rajat Aggarwahl, TJ Theodore, Delanie Calhoun, and Tony Ewing are fighting for 1st thru 4th trophies. Performance at RR renders the decisions.
• ESP – Robert McManus and Brian Gause – Either can win but must attend RR.
• FSP – Martin Bartlet must attend RR to qualify and win
• FV – Mark Rothermel must attend RR to qualify and win.
• GT1 – Bill F. Coffey must attend RR to qualify and win.
• GT2 – Bill Coffey must attend RR to qualify and win.
• ITA – Don Squirek and John Waight must attend RR to qualify and win
• ITR – Andy Tow must attend RR to qualify and win
• Specials – George Bowland must attend RR to qualify and win
• SPO – Lars Lattstrom must attend RR to qualify and win
• SPU – Mike Breakey, Ted Theodore, Doug Beachem, and Ron Richey are all in the hunt. RR will decide the trophies.
• STL – Michael Tablas must attend RR to qualify and win
• STU – Vicki Eckerich must attend RR to qualify and win
• SU – Rocco Bocchicchio, Leon Drake, Ricky Ragan, Krafton Locke, Mike Merrill, Susan Merrill are all in the hunt. RR will decide the trophies.

See you there!  


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