2014 SCCA Southeastern Division Time Trial Schedule Announced!

The SEDIV Regions and the SEDIV Time Trial Committee are proud to announce our event schedule for 2014! We look forward to seeing you at our events!

Happy New Year!



TT (L3)

PDX (L1)

HC (L4)

TT School

RoadAtlanta Mar 21-23 ATL


Dragon V Mar 22-23 CCR


TGPR Apr 12-13 TVR/ALA




Daytona Apr 12-13 CFR


RoadAtlanta May 17-18 ATL



Sebring May 31-Jun 1 CFR


TBD Jul 13-14 CCR



Sebring Jul 19-20 CFR


Sebring Aug 30-31 CFR


Barber Aug 30-31 ALA/TVR




Dragon VI Sep 13-14 CCR






ARRC Nov 1-2 ATL


Roebling Nov 15-16 BUC




 2014  PDX / CT Driver Rules        

2014 TT/ HC Driver Rules

2014 Time Trial Organizational Rules

FASTRACK has published the SCCA Board of Directors approved 2014 Time Trial Rules with an immediate effectivity.  Although published on the SCCA website as a 2013 revised edition, they will be good for 2014 as well.

The new 2014 Time Trial Rules were developed by the TTAC under a tasking from the SCCA BOD to not only revise the current PDX rule set but to go well beyond that.  The current set of convoluted rice bowls were to be broken by first determining what was essential for safety and then making the new rules simple, easy to understand, and easy to execute.  That SCCA is in competition with numerous other “for profit” organizations who also run HPDEs is a fact.  The TTAC took the opportunity to retool all of the 2013 TTR be itPDX,CT, TT or HC.  Make it simple, keep it safe, make it fun.  Remove the current Barriers to Entry.

What you will see is a radical shift from what was before.  Previously, DX/CT/TT/HC drivers had to wade thru the individual PDX/CT/TT/HC TTR in order to find what might pertain to them.  But could the driver actually find and understand everything he needed to know?  Our experience was it was difficult at best.  Many perspective and current TT drivers got confused and asked for help.  The TTAC questioned every current TTR statement and/or requirement as to its basis and necessity.  In this critical review, the TTAC found many “requirements” in the TTR that were said to have been required by Insurance or some other SCCA dictum.  When researched and questioned, the TTAC found that most of these “myths” had been handed down for generations in the various SOLO I, TTR, and/or GCR versions but that there was no current basis of fact for the assumption that they were the “gospel”.  TTAC worked with the SCCA insurance people and the Underwriter as well as the BOD to determine the true insurance requirements.

The new TTR consists of two basic groups:  Driver Information (i.e., Driver’s Manuals) and Operational Information.  The Driver’s Manuals are meant to provide what the driver needs to know to prepare themselves and their cars for a TT event.  They are solely focused on achieving that and making it simple for the driver.  The TTAC found that PDX (Level 1) and Club Trials (Level 2) were very similar as were Track Trials (Level 3) and Hill Climbs (Level 4) in what they required of the driver.  Thus there is a combined PDX/CT Driver’s Manual and a combined TT/HC Driver’s Manual.  Drivers do not necessarily need to know nor do they want to how a Time Trials event is organized and run.  The Operational Information is one document that covers all TT Levels and is meant to provide the Region organizers with the information they need to know to run a safe TT event.  Driver requirements are not repeated in the Operational Information since the three TTR documents are meant to be complementary.

In the new rules, leeway is designed in such that Regions can insert specific requirements into their Supps as needed.  Similarly, Regions will have more responsibility for determining what is needed for the safe conduct of their event.  Certainly, safety must be everyone’s main concern but it is recognized that individual Regions across the country may have different perspectives.  For instance, some tracks have unique requirements and these can be reflected in the Supps.  Other than sharing common elements (i.e., point-bys), one set of passing rules can not be applicable to every venue.  Thus, passing rules unique to each venue should be put in the Supps.  There are some requirements that are mandatory (the usual “shall” or “must”).  There is also a lot of guidance (the usual “should” or “may”).  The old standard of “If it is not specifically authorized, you cannot do it” has changed.

We hope that as drivers and Regions read the new TTR they will see that the rules are safe, simple, and easier to understand.  The TTAC expects that most drivers/organizers will embrace them while some may not feel comfortable with the new rules.  Some things may need more explanation or new guidance added.  As usual, we solicit constructive criticism and comment.  Every TTAC Representative is available to answer questions as needed.


Craig Farr

SEDIV TTAC Representative

SEDIV TT Committee



TGPR No Frills Time Trial – Great to be back on that Track!

Thanks to Craig Farr, Mark Rothermel, Spike , Brett, Steve, Paul and many TVR and Alabama Region members who worked to make this event happen!

Congratulations to our PDX particpants  and drivers! Also, a big thanks to all the workers who made the event possible! GREAT JOB BY ALL!

Great weekend of racing and the end to the 2013 SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Championship Series!

Results here :    SATURDAY    SUNDAY




PDX on the Banks of Charlotte Motor Speedway! August 16, 2013

Central Carolinas Region put on a PDX at Charlotte Motor Speedway August 16th for drivers in Intermediate and Advanced groups. The performance driving experience event was held as a part of CCRs Daylight to Dark Road Races . Over 20 drivers participated and enjoyed the infield and banked walls of the super speedway. All signs point to doing this again next year so plan ahead for 2014! Great thanks to all participants and those who worked and staffed the event.

BARBER REGISTRATION IS OPEN! August 31st – Sept. 1st

Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL

Registration closes: August 26, 2013 12:00 PM CDT


August 31-September 1, 2013 Sanction #: 13-R-2411-S, 13-R-2412-S, 13-TT-2413-S

A Spectator Regional Racing and Time Trial Event on the 2.38 Mile Barber Motorsports Park Road Course located on Route 20 just East of Birmingham, Alabama. 

Make time to visit the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, the premier collection of vintage Motorcycles in the country. www.barbermotorsports.com

Barber Race Track is one of the most challenging and fun tracks to drive in the Southeast. Challenge the elevation changes, blind turns, and speed. We will be doing a combined Double SARRC and Time Trials Level 3 on Labor Day weekend. The Double SARRC will be the last SARRC event available to qualify for the SIC. This will be the first ever SEDIV TT held at Barber and a fantastic opportunity for the SEDIV TT drivers to race on one of the best road courses in the country. Time to set the SEDIV TT Track Records at Barber. Although a Friday practice day will not be held, the TT sessions are scheduled before SARRC qualifying and before the SARRC races on both days. Plenty of opportunity for the SARRC drivers to get extra track time at reduced cost from a normal practice day and without the Friday time off work and extra expenses.  For additional information, contact: TVR: Craig Farr Email: farrout@knology.net or Alabama Region: Vincent Coker Email: vinnyv81@gmail.com

The Track Trial sessions are an excellent opportunity for extra practice time since there is no Friday Practice Day.  Each TT group will have one session before SARRC Qualifying and two sessions between Qualifying and the SARRC Races on Saturday and one session each before qualifying and also before and after the SARRC races on Sunday.

Workers will be reimbursed for expenses at $50 per day and lunches will be offered for each day worked. Come on out and join the fun!

 Full PDF’s for the event supps are located on the Alabama Region website home page


Time Trials rules may be found at

http://scca.cdn.racersites.com/prod/assets/2013 Time Trials Rules_4 levels.pdf (see level 3)


TWO DRAGON HILLCLIMBS – Racing in Robbinsville!

SCCA Central Carolinas Region held two SEDIV Time Trial Series Hillclimbs in Robbinsville, NC  – June 22-23 and August 3-4. Both events were well attended, weather was great and competition was strong! A big thanks to the host region, event staff and great people of Graham County who came out to cheer on our drivers AND help manage the event.

Results for events are as follows :

Chasing the Dragon IV

Chasing the Dragon V

Great video from Bob and Nadine Saville in their 914-6 HUEY!








Apr 13-14             Talladega Gran Prix Raceway (PDX/TT)

May 18-19            Road Atlanta (PDX/TT/Rational)

Jun 22-23             Chasing The Dragon Hill Climb

Aug 3-4                Chasing The Dragon Hill Climb

Aug 31- Sep1        Barber (PDX/TT/SARRC)

Sept 28-29            Talladega Gran Prix Raceway (PDX/TT) DOUBLE


NOTE :  TGPR in Oct will be a TT Championship Challenge.  Double event and double points.

Other points events are being considered and may be added to our schedule.

There are currently 7 Championship Points Events in 2013.  Drivers must score points in 4 events to qualify for the 2013 TT Championships.



                                              2013  PDX SCHEDULE


March 17         Road Atlanta (PDX / SARRC)

April 13-14       Talledega Grand Prix Raceway (PDX  /TT)

April 13-14       Daytona   (PDX / RR School)

May 18-19         Road Atlanta (PDX / Rational)

June 1-2            Sebring  (PDX / RegionalRR)

July 13-14          Road Atlanta  (PDX/TT/Rational)

July 20-21          Sebring  (PDX / RR School)

Aug 31- Sep1        Barber (PDX/TT/SARRC)

Sept 28-29           Talledega Gran Prix Raceway (PDX / TT)

Nov. 3                 Road Atlanta (ARRC / PDX)


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