SEDIV Time Trial Drivers – GET YOUR NUMBERS!

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It’s time to apply for your reserved car numbers for 2017!

Use the attached form to reserve or re-new a car number for SEDIV Level 2 / 3 / 4 Time Trials.

Drivers who had a reserved number in the prior season will be given until 30 March to renew the reservation of their number.  After that, all un-reserved numbers are available.


To reserve / re-new:

  1. Make out a $10.00 check to “TT SEDIV”
  2. Send this form and check to:

Shane Findlan

TT Reserved Numbers

9039 Harrisburg Road

Charlotte, NC 28215

HERE  is a downloadable list of numbers available.

All the best and Happy Motoring!

Shane Findlan

SEDIV TT Division Admin