2017 SEDIV TIME TRIAL Championship Winners!

Your 2017 SCCA Southeast Division Champions are :

Shane Findlan BSP 1 CCR-61
Tony Ewing CSP 1 TVR-93
Reese Remy CSP 2 BUC-34
Jeff Noser CSP 3 BUC-34
Brett Whisenant EP 1 TVR-93
Ken Owens EP 2 DIX-95
Ray Cockrell F5 1 CCR-61
Steve Conrad FF 1 TVR-93
Jeff Petermann FM 1 ATL-3
John Wade FSP 1 TVR-93
Mark Rothermel FV 1 TVR-93
Bill F. Coffey GT1 1 FLA-11
Bob Saville GT2 1 CCR-61
Nadine Saville GT2 2 CCR-61
Bill Coffey GT3 1 BUC-34
Joesph Armstrong ITO 1 NCR-55
Bryan Toth ITS 1 CCR-61
Heikki Rinta-Koski SPO 1 ATL-3
Ron Richey SPU 1 ATL-3
Richard Burgess SU 1 NCR-55
Andy Tow SU 2 ALA-1
Robert Russom SU 3 ALA-1

Congrats to all competitors! We’ll see you at the Banquet!