SEDIV Time Trial Report for 2015 – St. Simons

The following Time Trial report was made at the 2016 St. Simons SEDIV Convention February 6th.

2015 SEDIV Meeting    –  SEDIV Time Trials Committee Report

The SEDIV TT Program continues to be one of the best TT programs in the country.  Overall, the 9 race TT Championship Series averaged 35.3 drivers per event which is a 10% improvement over the average of the previous 5 years.  Twenty-three Regions participated — CCR (21%), ATL (18%), TVR (13%) and ALA (9%) provided 61% of the Drivers.  There were 318 entrants in 42 car classes.  172 different drivers ran TT which is well above the seven year average of 156.  20% of the drivers ran 3 or more events.  We had 13 Class Champions and 18 drivers who each ran 5 or more events.  The most popular classes were CSP (12%), SU (11%), SM (8%), ITS and GT2 (6% each).  Solo based cars made up 35% of the entries, GCR 49%, and the Wings n’ Things 15%.  So you can see where the strength of the TT program lies.  Our TT website,, continues to improve and provides a wealth of information about our TT program.

Ted Theodore has served with distinction as the DA for the past 3 years.  SEDIV presented Ted with the prestigious Jacque Holland Award which is given to the SEDIV Official who has exhibited by their actions toward fellow members that they consider their relationship to be like family.

The Second Gear program loaned out gear 26 times to drivers in the Southeast.  The “free loaner” program continues to allow beginning drivers to get involved economically. We have had some shoes that fell apart and gloves that were too holey to be repaired.  We would appreciate donations of ANY gear (except helmets)  but especially need shoes, balaclavas, gloves, arm restraints and socks.  From the Second Gear program manager Ted Theodore: “Big thanks to all the drivers who have donated gear in the past 4 years.  It continues to be used to help others get started.  We appreciate your support of the Southeast Division Time Trial Program.”

Both Dragon hill climbs were conducted successfully with the assistance and support of the NC Department of Natural Resources and Graham County Tourism.  Both events attracted a number of new drivers to hill climbing and in some cases this was the first TT event for these individuals.  Both events suffered somewhat due to weather which was a mix of rain and sun.  Even with that, a number of record times were set including an overall course record by Allen Skillicorn in his Prince LSR1 – P1 car at 114.087 seconds.  Special thanks to all the workers, many of whom had to brave large insects, tall grass, and heavy downpours during the events.

The November Roebling Road TT/PDX was a dual points event and served as the SEDIV TT Championship Series Runoff much like the SIC.  Ten of the thirteen TT Class Championships were decided at Roebling.

The Double SARRC/SECS and TT at Barber Motorsports Park again presented a successful TT and Club Race format that has proven to be a successful financial model for other SEDIV and National Regions.  Barber did not have a Friday Practice Day so the TT sessions were scheduled before SARRC/SECS Qual and SARRC/SECS Races to allow the Club Racers to use them as practice time.  TT drivers got experience running with Club Racers.  Of the 57 Barber TT entries, 38 hold Competition licenses.

In 2015, PDX entries were very close to 2014.  There were 13 PDX events with an added PDX at Daytona.  CCR does a Friday Night PDX at Charlotte aimed at rewarding the weekend race workers.  Atlanta Region incorporates PDX during the Sunday Quiet Time at Road Atlanta with good success.  CFR runs their PDXs in conjunction with CFR races and Driver’s Schools.  In 2016, PDX events increase to 15 with CFR adding PDX to the Test Days at Daytona.

For 2016, your SEDIV TT leadership will be:  Shane Findlan CCR (DA), Craig Farr TVR (DTTC Rep), Mark Rothermel TVR (Safety Steward), and the TT Committee members: Delanie Calhoun ALA, Dustin Stevenson ATL, Don Johnson Buccaneer, Tony Wentworth CCR, Art Trier CFR, and Tony Ewing TVR.


 2015 TT TT School PDX    2015 PDX
TGPR – TVR/ALA – Apr 49 6 11 RA – ATL – Mar 21
CMP – CCR – May 28 10 Daytona – CFR – Apr 76
Dragon – CCR – Jun 37 Daytona – CFR – May 32
Charlotte – CCR – Aug 11 12 Sebring – CFR – Jun 32
Barber – TVR/ALA – Aug 57 Sebring – CFR – Jul 61
Dragon – CCR – Sep 40 RA – ATL – Jul 33
TGPR – TVR/ALA – Oct 26  4  7 Sebring – CFR – Sep 53
Roebling Road 1 – Bucc – Nov 38 29 ARRC – ATL – Nov 11
Roebling Road 2 – Bucc – Nov 32

Looking forward, we have another robust TT schedule in 2016 with Championship and PDX events.  There are 8 Championship TT points events which means it takes 4 TT Championship points events to qualify for the year end championships.

TT Championship
2016 Date Region PDX (L1) TT (L3) HC (L4) TT School
Road Atlanta Mar 18-20 ATL X
Daytona Apr 9-10 CFR X
Daytona May 6 CFR X  
CMP May 30 CCR X X
Sebring Jun 11-12 CFR X
Dragon Jun 11-12 CCR   X
Sebring Jul 23-24 CFR X
Road Atlanta Jul 24 ATL X
Daytona Aug 5 CFR X  
Charlotte MS Aug 12 CCR X X
Barber Aug 27-28 TVR/ALA   X
Sebring Sep 3-4 CFR X    
Daytona Sep 16 CFR X    
Roebling Nov 19 BUC X X
Roebling Nov 20 BUC X X

TTAC REPORT:  First, a significant benefit to the TT drivers.  The TT license application no longer requires a Doctor’s medical.  The Applicant’s Medical History is sufficient unless there are extenuating medical issues.  Second, the TTAC is reorganized into two groups for 2016 – the National Time Trials Committee (NTTC) and the Divisional TimeTrials Committee (DTTC).  The NTTC will focus on a strategic view and expanding the TT program nationally.  The DTTC will be made up of representatives chosen by their divisions with a focus on helping the TT program flourish.  DTTC voting members will be from those Divisions who have an active TT program with other members from Divisions who want to establish a TT program.  The SEDIV TT Committee will not be affected.  SEDIV should see no change to their TT Program.


Full Report can be downloaded here :   2015 Report