SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Championship – Points and WINNERS!

22sedivclip Full points standings are HERE

Your 2015 Champions are :

Shane Findlan BSP 1st CCR-61
Tony Ewing CSP 1st TVR-93
Delanie Calhoun CSP 2nd ALA-1
Brian Gause ESP 1st CCR-61
John Wade FSP 1st TVR-93
Mark Rothermel FV 1st TVR-93
Bill F. Coffey GT1 1st FLA-11
Bill Coffey GT2 1st BUC-34
Bob Saville GT2 2nd CCR-61
Nadine Saville GT2 3rd CCR-61
Steven Ulbrik ITB 1st CFR-83
Bryan Toth ITS 1st CCR-61
Jim Daniel SM 1st TVR-93
Ron Richey SPU 1st ATL-3
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU 1st CCR-61
Richard Burgess SU 1st NCR-55
Rocco Bocchicchio SU 2nd ETR-68
Krafton Locke SU 3rd CCR-61

THANKS for a GREAT YEAR! We look forward to 2016 Season! 
First in class will receive a Championship jacket and trophy. Second and Third will receive trophies. All will be awarded at the SEDIV Convention and Banquet in February! See you there.