Championship goes to final event in November!


As we head into the Double event at Roebling Road on November 14 & 15, there are 13 classes whose championships could be won or lost at this last TT event of 2015.  The disputed classes are:  BSP, CSP, ESP, FV, GT1, GT2, ITA, ITB, ITS, SM, SPO, STU, SU.  

Season points are HERE

Remember that in 2015, it takes 5 TT events to qualify for the SEDIV TT Championship and that the last event is TWO events!   Most of the drivers need to get their 5 events and class championship wins by competing at Roebling.  Some classes are in contention with a winner take all at Roebling. SIGN UP TODAY!   HERE

At the Roebling Road Saturday night social (after the last car is off track), we will have a contest for the top two Ugliest Hawaiian Shirts!  $25 to each of our two winners. Drivers, crew, workers and spectators are invited to participate! Feel free to accessorize.  Decisions of the judges is final. FICA. Your mileage may vary. Must be present to win.

tn_Ugly Shirt Winner Sy Prom 2013  event_16438816shopping (1)