2012 SEDIV Time Trial Championship Points Update

Craig Farr has submitted points update through the Dragon Hillclimb.

We have some interesting class battle shaping up!

CF – Paul Crouch and Barry Durham are within 3 points in Continental Fords

CSP – Wally Lacey and Eric Trigg are separated by 1 point.

ESP – Robert McManus has a healthy lead!

F600 – George Bugg leading his son Steven by 4 points.

FV – 8 points separate 1t through 5th – Mike Chandler, Mark Rothermel, Andrew Pinkerton, Lynn Sweatte, Jim Bowers

ITA – a THREE way tie for first in ITA between  Daniel Toth, Willie Phee and Mark Seiler

SPO – Heikki Rinta-Koski leading Scott Williams

SPU – Mike Breakey and Ron Richey in a tie for FIRST!

SRF – Bruce Funderburk with a slight lead over Trey Ayers.

SU – Leon Drake and Mark Kilgore battling it out  in SU… this new class is going to be a good one to watch!

CONGRATS TO ALL PARTICPANTS! We look forward to seeing the last half of 2012 take shape!

Click here to see points spreadsheet!     July 2012 Time Trial Points Update