SEDIV Championship Points Updated – 6/17

Here are the current standings in the SEDIV Time Trial Championship Points Chase as of 6/17

    Q       TGPR Dragon CMP
DRIVER Class 4 REGION Best 6 TOTAL 2-Apr 4-May 4-Jun
Willie Stock BSP     9 9   9  
Shane Findlan BSP   CCR-61 9 9     9
Reese Remy CSP   BUC-34 22 22 4 9 9
Jeff Noser CSP   BUC-34 13 13 3 6 4
David Branch CSP   WGR- 22 22 9    
Tony Ewing CSP   TVR-93 6 6 6    
Steve Wade CSP   WDC-42 6 6     6
Robert (Doc) Burgess DSP   NCR-55 18 18   9 9
Ken Owens EP   DIX-95 15 15 6 9  
Brett Whisenant EP   TVR-93 9 9 9    
John McGee EP   ATL-3 9 9     9
Mark Gustafson EP   CFR-83 4 4 4    
Ron Lordy ESP     9 9   9  
JC Mostiller ESP     6 6   6  
James Mostiller ESP     4 4   4  
Brian Gause ESP   CCR-61 0 0      
Ray Cockrell F5   CCR-61 18 18   9 9
Carl Woodruff F5   ATL-3 9 9 9    
Steve Conrad FF   TVR-93 18 18 9   9
Adrian Aveni FF   ALA-1 0 0      
Jeff Petermann FM   ATL-3 9 9   9  
John Wade FSP   TVR-93 18 18 9   9
Garry Sharp FST   ATL-3 9 9 9    
Paul Tatum FV   TVR-93 15 15 6   9
Mark Rothermel FV   TVR-93 9 9 9    
Bill F. Coffey GT1   FLA-11 18 18 9 9  
Bob Saville GT2   CCR-61 18 18   9 9
Nadine Saville GT2   CCR-61 10 10   6 4
Michael Attaway GT2   ATL-3 6 6     6
Darryl Desmarteau GT2   CCR-61 4 4   4  
Bill Coffey GT3   BUC-34 18 18 9 9  
Clayton Pannell ITA   TVR-93 9 9 9    
Cliff McManus ITA     9 9     9
Ken Geci ITB   TVR-93 9 9 9    
Joesph Armstrong ITO   NCR-55 18 18   9 9
Bryan Toth ITS   CCR-61 9 9     9
David McDaniel ITX   CHA-94 9 9   9  
Ned Crawley P2   ATL-3 9 9 9    
Delanie Calhoun SM   ALA-1 9 9 9    
Mark Hanson SM     9 9   9  
Larry Nichols SM   ALA-1 6 6 6    
John Palazzolo SM     6 6   6  
John Seegers SMSE   WDC-42 9 9   9  
Wayne Houser SMSE     6 6   6  
David Lopett Special     9 9   9  
Thomas Vincent SPO   ODR-63 13 13   4 9
Heikki Rinta-Koski SPO   ATL-3 9 9   9  
Lars Lattstrom SPO   CCR-61 6 6   6  
Ron Richey SPU   ATL-3 18 18 9   9
Andrew Maffessanti SPU   ATL-3 9 9   9  
Robert Nelson SPU   FLR 8 8 2   6
Mike Breakey SPU   CHA-94 6 6 6    
Ted Theodore SPU   SCR-79 4 4 4    
Michael Breakey SPU   CHA-94 3 3 3    
Larrry High SSM   CCR-61 18 18   9 9
Michael Garoust SSP   CFR-83 18 18 9   9
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU   CCR-61 9 9   9  
Richard Burgess SU   NCR-55 15 15   6 9
Andy Tow SU   ALA-1 13 13 9 4  
Rocco Bocchicchio SU     9 9   9  
Robert Russom SU   ALA-1 9 9 6 3  
Steve Eckerich SU   CCR-61 2 2   2  
Krafton Locke SU   CCR-61 1 1   1  
Luke Vigneault SU     1 1   1  
Avery Street SU     1 1   1  
Rock Webb VC   SCR-79 9 9   9  
65       EVENT TOTAL   28 36 22
        OVERALL AVG   28.0 32.0 28.7
        TT AVG   28.0 32  
        HC AVG       22.0

Order YOUR Dash Plaque Trophy Board – SEDIV Time Trial 2017


Dash Plaque Trophy Boards are now available for drivers to order. You can order either wood grain trophy or black trophy board. Please click on the link to order from Cowart awards. Drivers pay for their own boards. Order your board today!

Brass dash plaques from each event will be mailed out to drivers after the event after results are received from hosting regions along with mailing addresses of drivers. Dash plaques are easily attachable to trophy board and will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class as well as a dash plaque for class record achieved at that event site. Dash plaques are paid for from the SEDIV Time Trial treasury.


Beautiful Weekend at TGPR – THANKS Alabama and TV Regions!


Great turn out and wonderful weather for the 2017 kickoff event of the SCCA Southeastern Division Time Trial Championship Series. Great competition, beautiful weather… awesome weekend. Special thanks to event management, TT and PDX drivers and instructors!

Final Results – Click HERE

Class Results – Click HERE

TT Class Records for TGPR – Click HERE


TGPR Time Trial starts 2017 TIME TRIAL SERIES – APRIL 1-2



REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  <— click here

Apr 1-2, 2017       TALLADEGA GRAN PRIX RACEWAY                           

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.41-mile road course located on Alabama State Highway 21, 12 miles south of Oxford, Alabama, and 8 miles north of Talladega, Alabama.  Overnight camping is permitted. The track has showers, restrooms, compressed air, and electrical hook-ups.   Electricity is available through Talladega Grand Prix Raceway for $20/day per 115v outlet, $30/day per 30A and $50/day per 50A outlet.  Race fuel is not available on site so plan accordingly. The track gate will be locked each evening at 10:00 p.m..  The track concession stand will be open for breakfast and lunch, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Event Headquarters will be at the Track.

TGPR, 46 Pilgrim Lane, Munford, AL 36268 

Link to Event Information and Rules  HERE

SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Championship Series Schedule – Get ready!

The SEDIV Time Trial Committee is proud to present our drivers with this year’s series! 


2017        Date
TGPR        Apr 1-2
Dragon     May 13-14
CMP         Jun 3-4
Charlotte Aug 11
Barber     Aug 26-27
 Sep 23-24
Roebling  Nov 18-19

FULL information on Time Trial Championship Schedule and PDXs in the Southeast :

SEDIV Time Trial Drivers – GET YOUR NUMBERS!

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It’s time to apply for your reserved car numbers for 2017!

Use the attached form to reserve or re-new a car number for SEDIV Level 2 / 3 / 4 Time Trials.

Drivers who had a reserved number in the prior season will be given until 30 March to renew the reservation of their number.  After that, all un-reserved numbers are available.


To reserve / re-new:

  1. Make out a $10.00 check to “TT SEDIV”
  2. Send this form and check to:

Shane Findlan

TT Reserved Numbers

9039 Harrisburg Road

Charlotte, NC 28215

HERE  is a downloadable list of numbers available.

All the best and Happy Motoring!

Shane Findlan

SEDIV TT Division Admin



images-15 sea-palms-resort





The SEDIV Convention & Awards Banquet is coming up February 3rd through 5th.  Registration is now open.  You can use the following link to access registration, but of course, you can get there just by going onto and searching for it:

If you aren’t a fan of registering online, you can mail  your registration.  You can download the form from the following link:  2017 SEDiv Regist.pdf

February 3-February 5, 2017


5445 Frederica Rd


FRIDAY: 2/3/17

6:00 PM. to 8:00 PM Registration and Reception

SATURDAY: 2/4/17

7:00 AM to 8:00 AM – Registration

8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM – Meetings and Seminars

5:45 PM. to 7.00 PM Registration & Social with Cash Bar

7:15 PM SEDiv Awards Banquet

SUNDAY: 2/5/17

8:30 AM to 12:30PM RE’s & Officials only-Breakfast & Business meeting

This year’s SEDIV Convention will feature individual meetings with the Divisional Administrators, ECR Committee, SARRC Committee, Divisional Solo, Time Trials, Rally Cross, Stewards, Tech, Timing & Scoring, Registration, Flag & Com, Race Control, Newsletters, Web Developers, Membership, and the SCCA National staff. The center point of this year’s convention will again be the Awards Banquet at which all SEDIV National, SARRC, Solo , Time Trials and Rally Champions will receive their awards plus the SEDIV will honor outstanding members with the Reuter, Fitzgerald, Holland, Webb, Director’s, & Bobby Clark Awards. The banquet meal features your choice of either grilled chicken or marinated flank steak. Both will be served with red potatoes, rice, almond green beans, salad & dessert. We look forward to seeing you there!





Congratulations!  In the 2016 SEDIV TT Championship, the drivers below have finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd as shown below.

The class champions will receive a ball cap, an award plaque, and the TT awards jacket.  The awards jacket will have your name, class and Region embroidered on the front.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive an awards plaque.

All the winners below will be given their awards at the annual SEDIV Awards Banquet held at St Simons  Island, GA.  Your banquet meal will be paid for by the TT Fund.  More on this banquet later as it comes out.

2016  Champions  
Shane Findlan BSP 1 CCR-61
Delanie Calhoun CSP 1 ALA-1
Tony Ewing CSP 2 TVR-93
Robert Burgess DSP 1 NCR-55
Brett Whisenant EP 1 TVR-93
Mark Gustafson EP 1 CFR-83
Brian Gause ESP 1 CCR-61
Carl Woodruff F5 1 ATL-3
Steve Conrad FF 1 TVR-93
John Wade FSP 1 TVR-93
Mark Rothermel FV 1 TVR-93
Bill F. Coffey GT1 1 FLA-11
Bill Coffey GT3 1 BUC-34
Butch Kummer GTA 1 ATL-3
Clayton Pannell ITA 1 TVR-93
Gary Ketchie ITA 2 CCR-61
Joesph Armstrong ITO 1 NCR-55
Bryan Toth ITS 1 CCR-61
Lars Lattstrom SPO 1 CCR-61
Tuck Rion SPU 1 SCR-79
Ron Richey SPU 2 ATL-3
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU 1 CCR-61
Richard Burgess SU 1 NCR-55
Andy Tow SU 2 ALA-1
Krafton Locke SU 3 CCR-61

WELL DONE! We’ll see you at the SEDIV Annual Banquet and look forward to presenting you your trophies!

THANKS to ALL our SEDIV Time Trial drivers for a great year in 2016.

We look forward to more fun and competition in 2017!

SEDIV Time Trial Points – Championships Available!

Our drivers enjoyed beautiful weather and a great weekend at Little Talladega GP Raceway in Munford, Alabama. A big thank you to all event staff that worked to make an awesome event! (Great picture below by Scott B.)


In 2016, the season ender event at Roebling Road has taken on some serious significance and this is why we made Buccaneer Region’s Roebling Road a double event.    It takes 4 events to qualify for the TT Championships

This year, the champions will receive  :

  •  TT Championship jacket
  •  TT Trophy plaque
  •  TT Championship hat
  • and  their dinners are paid for at the Awards Banquet.

In 5 classes, there are drivers who have already reached the 4 event threshold (F5, FSP, FV, ITS, SU).    Congrats drivers! 

In 17 classes, the championship is open to whomever shows up at Roebling and wins their class (BSP, CSP, EP, ESP, FF, FS, GT1, GTA, GT3, ITA, ITB, ITO, SPECIAL, SPO, STU, SPU, SU).  In many classes, drivers have to be at Roebling to reach that 4 event threshold.  In 7 classes, there is a definite shootout situation where the Champion has to win at Roebling (SU, SPU, ITA, FS, FF, EP, CSP).

Sign up today for the November 19th & 20th Roebling Road Time Trial in Savannah GA HERE

2016-tt-points-100316   <— click here for full points and standings

We look forward to seeing you there at Roebling and plan to come Friday night for Seafood at The Shell House! 

1 2 3 9